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Great Opening !!!!!!!!! • 11-11-2007
Witaj nowej stronie poświęconej bajkom kreskówkom i wszystkiemu co związane z rozrywką !! Właśnie otwieramy, dlatego nie zniechęcaj się, jeżeli nie znalazłeś tu czegoś dla siebie. Zapraszamy do wpisywania się do księgi gości, gdzie możecie zgłaszać swoje uwagi, prośby oraz skargi.

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Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf is the leader of the Smurfs, and can be easily distinguished from the other smurfs by his red clothes and his bushy white beard. Everyone in Smurf Village turns to Papa Smurf when things go awry. Papa Smurf is a very skillful in making magical spells and potions.


Smurfette is one of three female Smurfs in the village - but she was the first. Smurfette has more delicate features than the other smurfs, with long blonde wavy hair, longer eyelashes, and wears a white dress and white high heels. She is the love interest of almost every smurf including Papa Smurf. Smurfette was originally created by Gargamel to destroy the Smurfs. Papa Smurf's magic changed her nature (and her hair color).

Brainy Smurf

Brainy Smurf fancies himself as the all-around-brain of the village and an expert on everything, although he is usually wrong. He sometimes thinks that because he is smarter than anyone else he is second-in-command behind Papa Smurf and can do things better than the other Smurfs. He can be distinguished from the others by the thick glasses he wears, as he is extremely short-sighted. In the comics during olympic games he called himself Schtroumpf arbitre (referee) and handed out yellow cards to everyone.

Hefty Smurf

Hefty Smurf is the strongest Smurf. He has a heart tattoo on each of his arms and is an active sportsman, whose favorite activity is weightlifting.

Handy Smurf

Handy Smurf, wearing overalls and with a pencil above his ear, is the handyman of the Smurfs. He helps fix things in the village and is known for his amazing technological inventions. He is the inventor of Clockwork Smurf.


Vanity is a stylish smurf, most of the time seen wearing a pink flower on his hat. He is the epitome of the modern trend metrosexual. He often holds a hand mirror into which he stares at his reflection and which kisses often.

Jokey Smurf

Jokey Smurf is a cheerful smurf who enjoys playing tricks on the other smurfs. Jokey Smurf almost always uses the same joke trick: yellow-red-wrapped present boxes that he offers to his victims, saying it is a gift. The present box actually holds a firecracker that explodes when the receiver opens it, puffing out a lot of black smoke that blackens the bearer's face (or entire body depending on the explosion's size).

Painter Smurf

Painter Smurf is a brilliant artist and is active in most visual arts. He often wears a red jacket with a black tie, and is seen either doing a painting or a sculpture.

In the cartoon, he speaks with a French accent and refers to his paintings as "masterpizzas."

Poet Smurf

Poet Smurf is the poet of the village. He is very sensitive and artistic. He spends most of his time wandering in nature to improvise poems about it and sometimes has trouble finding verses that rhyme. He usually manages to do it through some accident (such as slipping on soap or having a pear fall on his head).

Grouchy Smurf

Grouchy Smurf is the antisocial grouch of the smurf village. His catchphrase is "I hate (something somebody else mentions)". Grouchy usually has a scowl on his face.


Harmony Smurf is a music player who especially loves to play the trumpet, although his musical ability shows a total lack of harmony and he's usually asked to stop playing as soon as he gets started. Some English editions name him as Rocker Smurf.

Chef Smurf

Chef Smurf is the cook of the village. He knows dozens of recipes and cooks many dishes. Smurfs are mainly vegetarian, so he never uses meat, but does use eggs. He always wears his toque blanche (chef's hat).

In the cartoon series, Chef Smurf and Greedy Smurf are combined into the same Smurf. In Volume 12, a Smurf is called Schtroumpf Gourmand, who looks just like Schtroumpf cuisinier (wearing a toque blanche, neckerchief and apron). In Volume 23 Schtroumpf Gourmand is shown wearing the normal Smurf outfit (like he has in all other volumes) and Schtroumpf Cuisinier again wearing the chef outfit, so Volume 12 may have just been a mistake.

Farmer Smurf

Farmer Smurf is the farmer of the village. He plants the crops for the Smurfs and helps organize the harvest. Farmer Smurf wears dark green overalls, wooden clogs, and a straw hat.

Sleepy Smurf

Smurf who can sleep all the time.

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